Credit card processing for fire-arms

We offer merchant services to gun shops, weapons dealers, retailers and wholesalers, firearm friendly websites with shopping carts and internet companies with NO start-up fees. We are proud to offer high-risk merchant services for all types of businesses that are considered high-risk such as these gun shop owners, CBD businesses, Cannabis, the Adult Industry, Debt Consolidation, and many more business types. In today’s internet friendly shopping services, credit card acceptance is essential for businesses.

The acceptance of credit cards is really essential to a gun dealer. This type of business always promotes large ticket items, multiple transactions as some consumers may be collectors of these types of items. So to have a trusted and competitive merchant service for a fire-arms dealer is something we take pride in. We have services available for your fire-arms shop. We proudly accept VISA, MasterCard, America Express and Discover for starters.

Contact us today to get started. If you already have a process in place, receive a free quote today and start saving.